About CES

It is fifty years since inception of this great institution in 1968.

Sri.Ajjikuttira.N.Somaiah, First President – 1968
Sri.Chekkera .B.Muthanna, First Vice President and then President from 1968 to 1982 – 14 years
Sri.Deyanda.N.Devaiah, first Hon. Secretary
Sri.Kollimada .C.Mandanna, First Correspondent from 1968 to 1969
Sri. Buttiyanda M Appaji, Founder Director
Sri.Ajjamada.K.Nachappa, Third President from 1982 to 1983
Dr.Mukkatira.M.Chengappa, Third VP from 1982 to 1983 – 4th President from 1983 to 2007 – 25 years
Capt.Maneyapanda.N.Nanjappa, Correspondent from 1969 to 1982 – 13 years
Sri.Chiriyapanda .P.Kushalappa, Vice president from 1969 to 1982 – 13 years
Sri.Chiriyapanda.K.Poovappa, Correspondent from 1982 to 2008 – 26 years
Rao Bahadur Kodira.T.Uthappa,
Sri.Kuppanda .A.Chinnappa, Vice President from 1983 – 2007, President 2007 – 2014 – 31 years
Sri. Cheppudira.P.Belliappa – Vice President from 2007 -2009
Sri.Ajnikanda.T.Bheemaiah, Vice President from 2009 – 2014
Sri.Kattera.N. Jaji Uthappa – Hon. Secretary 2008 – 2014 – 6 years

these great personalities visualized, conceptualized, implemented and steered the course of a premier educational hub in southern part of this beautiful Kodagu District, in the name of Goddess Cauvery. They have inspired and motivated us, by their untiring work in taking this institution to great heights.

Cauvery Education Society and Cauvery educational institutions are greatly indebted to these visionaries for their forethought, their commitment, their dedication, their sacrifices and their love towards humanity.

Prior to 1968 there was no facility for higher education in South of Kodagu. Students who aspired to have Pre university or Degree Courses had the option of either going to Madikeri or colleges outside Kodagu which resulted in great hardship to rural people who could not afford educational costs.
Hence prior to 1968, there was a committee constituted for the purpose of starting a college that was called Gonikoppal College Committee headed by Capt. Maneyapanda. N. Nanjappa as its President which had deliberated on getting finances and finding a place to construct the College building. Thereafter in 1968 a positive outcome of this movement was the meeting held on 4.1.1968.
on 4.1.1968 a public meeting was held in the Virajpet Taluk Development Board meeting hall, Ponnampet under the Chairmanship of Sri. Chekkera. B. Muthanna in connection with starting of a college in Virajpet Taluk.
the necessity of starting the college in Virajpet Taluk for the higher education of the children here was emphasized and as Gonicoppal happened to be the central place with best communication and other facilities, suggestion to locate the college here was made. Sri.A.N.Somaiah, offering his valuable suggestions, supported the idea of starting the college at Gonicoppal. Sri.C.P.Kushalappa supported the idea regarding collection of funds by way of donations and starting of the college during 1968. Appeal was made that all inhabitants of this Taluk should cooperate in this regard.
A committee was formed with the following members to take further necessary action in this formation.

Sri. C.B.Muthanna
Sri. H.M.Appanamaiah
Capt. M.N.Nanjappa
Sri. A.N.Somaiah
Sri. K.G.Ponnappa
Sri. C.B.Pemmaiah
Sri. C.P.Kushalappa
Sri. D.N.Devaiah
Sri. K.G.Muddappa
Sri. J.M.Aiyappa
Sri. B.P.Ramanna
Sri. C.B.Monnaiah
Sri. M.P.Chengappa
Sri. C.M.Aiyappa
Sri. K.C.Medappa
Sri. B.M.Appaji
Sri. K.C.Mandappa
Capt. Kelapanda Ponnanna
Sri. Mukkatira P Thimmaiah
Rao Bahadur. K.T.Uthappa
Sri. P.M.Uthappa
Sri. B.A.Poovaiah
Sri. T.N.Medappa
Sri. Habibulla Khan
Sri. K.M.Somaiah
Sri. P.M.Madaiah
Sri. N.B.Uthappa
Sri. S.S.Ramamurthy
Sri. A.S.Chinnappa
Sri. Macharanda Mandappa
Sri. K.M.Chinnappa
Sri. M.M.Chengappa
Sri. Kanjithanda Kushalappa

16 members of Virajpet Taluk Development Board
40 Chairmen of all Village Panchayaths of Virajpat Taluk
Gonikoppal High School office – first office of the Society.
Society was registered on 22.4.1968 as – Coorg Cauvery Educational Society with its headquarters at Gonicoppal.
First meeting of the members of Coorg Cauvery Education Society took place on 28.1.1968 under the Chairmanship of Sri. A.N.Somaiah the first President of this society.
First Nine members nominated to the Governing Council President Sri. A.N.Somaiah, Vice President Sri. C.B.Muthanna, Secretary Sri. D.N.Devaiah, Correspondent Sri. K.C.Mandanna, Sri. P.M.Uthappa, Rao Bahadur K.T.Uthappa, Sri. C.P.Kushalappa, Capt. M.N.Nanjappa and Sri. C.B.Pemmaiah.
16.6.1968 – named the college as Cauvery College.
6.8. 1968 – the first batch of members of faculty and staff total 9 members appointed
total strength of college students was 71.
June 1969 – Degree College was started.
8.3.1970 – foundation stone was laid for the new building.
Words of Sri. C.P.Kushalappa at the General meeting on 8th July 1973 – inspiring, illuminating, motivating to everyone and can never be erased from soul of this institution.
1974 – construction of Auditorium was initiated.
13th July 1975 – name of this society was changed as Cauvery Education Society.
10th December 1978 establishing of college at Virajpet was suggested in the general meeting of members.
1980 – Polytechnic building construction started
1986 – Polytechnic started functioning
Subsequently came
Statues of Goddess Cauvery in both Gonikoppal and Virajpet campuses,
men’s hostel,
open theater,
women’s hostels in both campus
Pre-university Blocks in Virajpet and Gonikoppal,
Library establishments in both campus
General Thimmaiah Firing Range.
Post graduation centre that was established and funded by Sri. Kuppanada.A.Chinnappa.
The “Chekkera B Muthanna” indoor stadium.